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Snapshot handwaveHi  This is Mike Conover of Clear Oak Construction Corporation.  We specialize in Chicago home Renovation, Chicago home remodeling, Chicago Commercial Interior Alterations, Chicago Construction Planning, Easy Construction; and all carpentry. general contracting, construction,  home repair, as well as commercial and retail remodeling, build-outs, fixes and repairs- a wide range of experience and expertise acquired over more that 30 years of doing this in the City of Chicago. ADA compliance for accessibility and bathrooms can be tricky to layout and retrofit.  In many cases, I have created and executed simple, elegant and low budget solutions.   Your construction planning is a very important part of the process.  Let me help you.   Please take a look at the tabbed pages for more about this, as well as more about me and my other interests.

As CEO and lead carpenter for Clear Oak Construction since 1979,  I have been doing all phases of residential construction repair, carpentry, renovation and commercial alteration in Chicago; as well as retail and office projects, for 30 years.  High rise work, including the supervision of full floor build out. New and re-made pharmacies, delis, restaurants, bars, retail build-outs, and much more.  I excel in planning construction.  Your construction’s planning process is key to its success.  Planning construction is important to having a pain free and within budget project.  I can help you make that construction planning here in Chicago much simpler easier.