working the maze- extra largeby Mike Conover-   Author of the forthcoming book:
Changes to your Environment; Changes to your Life-
                                       a step-by-step guide for collaborative planning,
.                                      problem & drama free construction,
.                                      and 14 things to avoid in your building project.

PR-007--SI---08_03_12-224Are you considering, starting, or in the midst of a physical change to your home or workplace?

For most, even veterans to the process, there is and will be a lot going on.
Decisions, planning, design, selections, communications & collaborations , disruptions to your regular routines.
Changes and projects can be very stressful. Hard on you, hard on your partnerships, hard on your marriage and other relationships.
I am a 30 year veteran of this. A carpenter and rehab contractor in the City of Chicago for over 30 years.
I can coach you through the process, help you with all the practical issues, collaborate with you on the planning and implementation,
and allow you to master your project- for CONSTRUCTION WITH EASE.

I can also DO any of those processes that you choose to not do yourself- including turnkey results.

Everyone’s environment affects the quality of their actions, feelings, and being . . Especially your home and work . . functionality , flow , cohesion , order , organization , style and aesthetics; - they affect how you , and those around you- do things , how you feel , and how you show up . . Even small changes can make huge differences. . . I enjoy creating positive changes in those environments . . Large and small . . . And, I am quite good at this.

I can coach you through the whole process. I have done this for many. I will support you in creating the exact process, project, result, and environment- which is just right for you right now . . . . coach you through your mastery of the project process-
. . . . you can attain CONSTRUCTION WITH EASE, this time and every time.

From listening for & teasing out your underlying need,
envisioning a possible solution,
laying out a detailed plan,
hands on implementation of a project ( I am a carpenter and contractor in Chicago; and have been for over 30 years ),
and hassle free completion of that change.

To discuss your needs with me, see how I might be a fit for your project, or get a sense of how coaching will look like for you- shoot me an e-mail at ,
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Mike Conover

light dust devil over fieldFor Individuals, Couples/Partners, and Organizations-

  • who want to collaborate in designing and planning their space, 

  • the changes they are looking for,

  • and their construction experience.

Have you ever seen a wind whirlpool?

A mini tornado swirling in front of you, or moving across an open space?

Its shape and movement showing in the leaves and little pieces of paper caught and moving within it?

green tornado with leavesman-s-mind-jigsaw-puzzle-16951307What I do works with all the pieces of a project, swirling around and around in my head.

I pull down the individual pieces, and fit them together in time & space like a jigsaw puzzle.

Some ways fit better than others; some grouping become more elegant & ascetic.

A vision forms- of the finished product, and of the process from here to the end of the project.

Then, it needs to be teased out and tailored to fit your needs, preferences, and style.

YOU are the one footing the bills.
YOU are the one whom the project needs to be a fit for.
YOU are the one who will be living & working in it; seeing & experiencing the results- day in and day out.

I work spatially, and I work in time.

Visualizing a possible solution with all its details; and visualizing how to fit all the work together in a timeline and the work-space.

Those are gifts of mine that I have been honing since I was a boy,

bending little pieces of galvanized iron as a boy in my family’s sheet metal shop. I learned, from my father and my grandfather in ‘the Shop’,

how I most comfortably interact with and connect to people by working with them.

PR-027--SI---23_05_12-837Those lessons have shaped my life, my experience, and my passions. This is my creativity, this is my artistic expression.

I have changed outdated apartments into modern lofts,2 flat buildings into open plan single family homes; built out pharmacies, delis, restaurants,. . bars, . . . .clean rooms . . . .…………………………… facilities- .-lots of -varied projects;
over 35 years of contracting in Chicago. Some of the toughest involve redoing the only bathroom of a home, while a family is living there.

…………. That involves a lot of juggling in close quarters, tight schedules, ……  …..

For a recent decade and more, I practiced this on projects exclusively for my family, close friends; and principally in my own properties. About a year and a half ago I started getting more involved again outside that close circle. I have found I like the variety and possibilities (large and small) this has brought to me. Because of that, I am expanding the circle of individuals and organizations I am collaborating with.

If being a part of this circle, and one of these collaborative experiences, appeals to you; please contact me-

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